We are all faced with fear during our life time, we fear for our and our loved one’s health, we fear for the future, we fear we wont find love and respect. So many fears and so much stress, sometimes it is too much to handle. But we learn to cope with it.
Yet there are those times that fear overcomes us, there are those times when we are so overwhelmed by anxiety that we forget how strong and capable we are to adapt and survive. We let fear guides and control us and that’s when things start getting messed up. We forget to live today while thinking about tomorrow, we let the moment go by unnoticed and we forget that each moment is a blessing and should be lived to its fullest.
How many times have you been in a situation where you felt trapped, overstressed, anxious and like losing control over your life and your thoughts!? I have been there and felt that many times in the past few years. And I started over thinking things, I started over analyzing , and stopped living.
Everything became numb and still , everyone’s lives were passing in front of me and progressing and upgrading and I just felt like a statue watching life pass me by so fast and I couldn’t do anything about it. I was so tired of my own thoughts, I didn’t realise that regretting my past and worrying about my future wont help me have a better life, yet it stops me from living in the moment. I realised I lost my friends because of my fears, I lost job chances, I lost many great moments in life while I prefered to just be at home on my own and stress out and freak out about things I can’t even change.
And step by step I fought my fears , I faced them, I didn’t run away from them. I left my comfort zone and started living again little by little. And the words that I kept telling myself every day and that made me strong enough to overcome my fears are :” ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD “, “IF YOU CANT CHANGE IT EMBRACE IT AND MOVE ON” , and ” FEAR IS JUST A LIE THAT WE CREATE IN OUR HEADS ” .
So don’t stress about life, everything can be resolved if you think with a clear head, without stress and worries .
Nothing is worth losing your inner peace for, things will fall in their place.


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Hello everybody.

So first of all may I introduce myself, I am Linda and I am 27 years old. I love writing and reading about everything and anything, so I decided why not try to share my thoughts and my words with people who may find themselves in my words, and which may find support or maybe even advice.
My life was not an easy one ,but then when I think about it, whose life is easy?! No ones I would guess . We all have our ups and our downs, sometimes more downs , but we make it , we stand back up after each fall, and what helps me do that is my writing, and my time spent reading or drawing. To put it in other words, what keeps me going and staying positive are the little things in life which bring great joy. And I know many of you will agree on that.
So I thought since putting my troubles, my worries and my joys in a piece of paper helps me, since I have found my own ways to cope with life , why not share that with people and maybe they can relate to what I’ve been through and they can achieve to find their inner peace even in difficult times.
I hope my words will be helping someone, thats my only desire , to know that I have touched a soul and made it heal. So that is what my page will be about, hope we will all have a great time, hope you will all enjoy and may god blessings be upon everyone of you.

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Words are the power that one beholds to make someone’s life greater or to lose that person forever.